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Why Should You Do Your Nails at Home?

I am about to change your life or something like that. Well, at least your nail game using the BEST nail glue ever and the fake cute nails you skipped out on at Walgreens, Target, and etcetera because you thought they didn't work. Well I did too. Let's just agree to test the glue https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/kiss-maximum-speed-nail-glue/ID=prod10487-product and nails https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/kiss-gel-fantasy-nails/ID=prod6320817-product?skuId=sku6285258 out for yourself after reading this blog, okay? No pressure haha


KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Ready-To-Wear

My Nail Story

Hi Blushers,

I do not get a full set of nails done at the nail salon often, so I decided to get them done a few months ago and ended up walking out of the nail salon spending $80 on a matte full set on my nails and a gel manicure on my toes. A few days later, the matte effect faded. Less than a week later, the nail polish started chipping. Less than two weeks later, it was time to get a fill because my nails looked disgusting and they were in so much pain. Anything I did felt like my nails were bruising underneath. I went back to the nail salon and forgot they charge you to take the nails off, so they did and recommended a gel manicure because the nail lady saw how bruised my nails were and definitely not in the condition for the tool they use that buzzes to handle. I walked out of the nail salon spending $60 this time because a gel manicure and pedicure is cheaper than getting a full set. The nail lady said the gel manicure would last for three weeks. Less than a week later, my nails started chipping. I was so frustrated because I did not want to keep spending that amount of money twice a month. I took my gel manicure and pedicure off with the gel remover pads from Walgreens and decided to buy the fake nails sold from Walgreens and was disappointed because the nails only lasted a few days. My mistake was using the pink glue that the nails came with. After talking to a customer at Walgreens, she told me to buy the nail glue mentioned above, so I did.

After trying the KISS Maximum Speed Nail Glue, I was SHOOK!

All you have to do is apply glue on the fake nail and on the tip of your real nail, then press the nail onto your real nail for a few seconds or more. The fake nails felt secure and I do a lot of lifting at work, so one nail got loose after one week, but it was nothing the glue couldn't fix and they didn't feel bruised underneath. I was content. It's been a little over one week and my nails are still going strong. One or two nails have gotten loose since then, but it's a quick fix. I carry the glue everywhere with me now as if it were a lipstick or blotting powder just in case it happens again. I can easily take the nails off with the instructions provided on the back of the nail packaging if I want to rock another set of nails at anytime. Unfortunately, you cannot do this with a full set of nails from the salon.


The glue retails for $2.99 and the nails retail for $4.99-8.99. Walgreens has the buy 1 get 1 50% off promotion, so you can mix and match.

Benefits of Doing Your Nails at Home

- Save Money

- Prevent Pain

- No Commute

- Self-reliant

- Quick Fix

- Easy and Fast Application

It’s a wrap, folks ❤️

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