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The Lipstick Palette You Can't Live Without

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

If you want to learn how to depot (practice of removing a makeup product, such as eyeshadow, blush or lipstick, from its original container and placing it into more practical packaging) your lipsticks into a palette, continue reading below......................... 

Hi Blushers,

There are so many of my lippie products that I didn’t even know I owned because the swatches aren’t right in my face and leaving the caps off doesn’t sound sanitary to me. Imagine applying a lipstick full of dust or dog hair? No thanks. Also, sitting there opening every lipstick to look at the color is too time consuming for me. I always end up wearing one out of the three lipsticks I opened and do not even bother opening any more lipsticks because I am in a rush. 

So let’s depot our favorite lipsticks together to save time, money, and space by following this step-by-step guide! You can also do this with your favorite concealers, foundation, and etcetera.

The products listed below are the products I used. You don’t have to use the exact products I used. Please feel free to use dupes of your preference.

What you need:

MAC Pro Palette Large / Single (Compact)

MAC Pro Palette Insert 

Bodyography Artistic Palette

Bodyography Spatula for Artiste Palette 

Garage Sale Pricing Labels


Ziploc Bags 

Rubbing Alcohol



Q-Tips 100% Pure Cotton (Walmart or Target)

24 Lipsticks

What to do:

1. Disinfect pro palette insert with Q-tip and rubbing alcohol and lipsticks if they’re not brand new 

2. Open lipstick and turn the bottom of the lipstick to the right direction until the lipstick tube is fully out

3. If the lipstick is brand new, pull it out with a ziploc bag, place the lipstick on the artistic palette, chop the lipstick in half, and place the top half back into the lipstick tube with the ziploc bag, turn the bottom of the lipstick to the left direction until the lipstick tube disappears and store it (when the color runs out in your lipstick palette you can go back to it and add the rest in your palette)

4. If the lipstick is used and abused, follow the same steps above except there won’t be a need for storing because there will be no more lipstick left in the tube. (Back-to-MAC Program:) 💄 Deliver 6 empty MAC full-size containers to an eligible MAC store and you will have three options that include getting a regular eyeshadow, lipstick or lip gloss of your choice for FREE Tip: Even if my MAC lipsticks were brand new, I would store the rest of the tubes in ziploc bags just so I can have more empty containers to take to MAC hehe

5. Smush the lipstick on the artistic palette with the spatula knife until it is entirely smushed and smooth and ready to be laid out in the insert palette 

6. Insert the lipstick in one of the wells in the insert palette with a spatula knife

7. (Optional) Write the lipstick name and brand on the garage sale pricing label OR peel the label at the bottom of the lipstick and stick it on the back of the compact palette where the lipstick was inserted

8. Clean the artistic palette with a napkin and alcohol and around the well with a Q-tip

(Repeat steps 2-8 with each lipstick) 

It’s a wrap, folks ❤️

Brianna Blush



You can also check out this detailed video on my YouTube channel if you’re a visual learner: https://youtu.be/kFS6NZdtRKQ

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